Photo of guitariste Josip Dragnic playing a concert in an elderly home

EME Concerts

The power of music – a confort to the elderly and sick.
Deux musiciens jouant en extérieur devant des résidents d'une maison de retraite

Since its creation in 2009, the Fondation  EME has offered more than 2,000 concerts lasting approximately 45 minutes, performed by various ensembles and groups of professional musicians, partly from the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra, in hospitals, paediatrics, refugee homes and care homes in Luxembourg. 

The goal of these concerts is to create magical and extraordinary moments that help patients or seniors forget their painful and monotonous daily life for a few moments and bring them joy and entertainment through live music, interpreted by professional and committed musicians. This year, the Fondation EME offered about 300 concerts to various institutions. 

The beneficiaries are often unable to go to cultural places and particularly appreciate these cultural visits, connecting them with the outside world. The groups visited range from 15 to 60 people per concert.

The transport of sick, elderly or people with special needs is often very tedious. The Fondation EME therefore offers a wide variety of concerts in different institutions of the Grand Duchy in order to share the cultural offer of Luxembourg with a wider audience.

The benefits of music are well proven by both expert studies and the feelings of the accompaniers and the medical profession. These concerts bring moments of happiness and joy to the elderly, disabled or sick, unable to move to enjoy the cultural offer and comfort with music. Disease and age marginalize people in the labor force. Create musical encounters and special moments for these people, free to get carried away by the music and discuss after the concert with the musicians on the works played and emotions experienced. Music always brings people closer together.

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