a photo of the actresses on stage

FluppdiFipps x neimënster

Let us take you into a magical musical world with FluppdiFipps.


  • People with specific needs

Time period

21 March 2024 - 23 March 2024



Supported by

André Losch Fondation.

Explore the captivating experience of FluppdiFipps, a unique project designed to meet the capabilities and needs of individuals with mental, physical, or autistic polyhandicap. For nearly 50 minutes, participants will witness a performance created by Martine Wallenborn and presented by musicians Annemie Osborne, Chantal Kirsch, Jonas Malfiet, Juliette Ferreira, and Stephan Kinsch.

Following the immense success of the opera at Espace Découverte in the Philharmonie in 2022, we are thrilled to announce its next presentation at Neimënster in March 2024. The opera will be performed four times for school classes on March 21 and 22. Join us for the open-to-all performance on Saturday, March 23 at 11:00 AM. Register via the Neimënster website.