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Musek Schenken

Gift music at Christmas! Volunteer musicians will be playing short 20-minute concerts in the homes of people who are ill or isolated.


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Time period

3 - 23 December 2023

Musek Schenken 2023

A time for sharing and solidarity, Christmas celebrations are an opportunity to think about those around us. This year, the Fondation EME is bringing back its "Musek schenken" initiative.

If people can't come to a concert, we bring the music to their homes! To prepare these musical surprises, the Fondation EME is looking for volunteer musicians who would like to offer their talent by playing concerts, and for sick or isolated people who could benefit from music.

In 2021, Anne W. offered a private concert to her 78-year-old mother, Alice W., who has been in a wheelchair since suffering from a serious illness. The beneficiary and the musicians were delighted: "Thank you so much. It was really magnificent”, Alice said at the end. Violinists Attila Keresztesi and Andrii Chugai bowed out. "It was the best private venue we've ever played in”.


Are you a musician or do you know someone who is ill or isolated to whom you would like to offer a concert? You can register below.

The Fondation EME is responsible for coordinating and organising the home concerts. So don't hesitate, and this year's festive season, gift magical moments through music!

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Musek Schenken Online


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 edition of Musek Schenken took place online. But that hasn't stopped our musicians from sharing their music and joy over the airwaves!

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