Une jeune fille tappant dans la main d'une femme adulte, entourées d'autres enfants

Sang Mat – Chrëschtconcert

As part of the Philharmonie's Christmas Festival, the Fondation EME is taking part in the "Sang mat – Chrëschtconcert" participatory project run by the Philharmonie's Education Department.


  • Disadvantaged people

Time period

16 December 2023




Philharmonie Luxembourg

Supported by

André Losch Fondation.

A class for refugee children from CSAE Kierchberg has the opportunity to take part in the "Sang mat" Chrëschtconcert on 16 December, which is open to parents and children's families.

The participants will sing Christmas carols, structured around a story, in the various languages spoken in Luxembourg. The project gives them the chance to learn languages in a fun and creative way!

The concert tells the story of a little girl who is despised by everyone but has a heart of gold. One day, she gives her last penny to an old lady, who in return gives her a recipe for gingerbread. But the gingerbread is magical: if you eat it, your appearance will reflect who you really are deep down.

A story that celebrates kindness and generosity, just in time for Christmas!

Une femme levant les bras devant une classe d'enfants reproduisant le même geste